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pozitiv comment by mike mike mike

(mike white.mike d, 28. 9. 2014 19:25)

Good day.zaymave ze tu jsou stale tyto comments by i mike devil the brutal dirt and robotic from i one soul tecnic ..viba cosmic create and like my self. Ze tu jsou ty vsechny mike comments so diky ze to neumite delete or umite a jste madam velmi satanisticka a respekt. 29.zari ma v czech svatek michal so ja take and like darek aka is 2,5liter pepsi plus nutella or darek ganja:-* or jako darek i beru ze tu stale jsou mike comments the my god mindz.one.

hmmmmm no body see this all my comments the my god mindz..private

(mike white .mdevil., 24. 9. 2014 18:26)

Ty stredni cechy mi propadaji aka porusena sfera ktera je treba ve mesre chernobil..scary down bodyz..in dejjawee...:-X

narkotek-hood mind \ youtube (on headphonez and joint smoke...

(mike white devil , 23. 9. 2014 21:24)

This kind styles on joint..this is my intro of my immortal in future by my godz and dirty freestyles rap and no copy satan


(mike white.mdevil, 23. 9. 2014 20:09)

Photo 3 ma bile pozadi 'to je mozna photo z nahrobku'ta divka vypada i zle aka photo7 and satanic name of page`what name???? :-)

ha ha ha hahahaha

(mike devil, 23. 9. 2014 19:45)

Photo number three on this page..this no i the mike devil the mike white.so when somebody think this me so not.i evil face and pretty guy and no look aka jude pig.lol

cosmic is one and asshole

(mike devil joint, 23. 9. 2014 17:46)

Hmmmmmmm u dont know how is high my feel of my speed rapping when start the devil rap..

narkotek-dteuf \ youtube (on headphonez and on maryhuana tabacc smoke for this i think !!!!!

(mike white devil, 17. 9. 2014 22:48)

When this i play so this to much for me and like my rap to this..great speed for my triple speed.. FROM 3minute 23second to end..this is next best on my top open i gate andthe top dirty enter on subjects lightfireingspirit

dirty spirit and on first place the dirty morbid self

(mike devil, 17. 9. 2014 18:20)

i rap of new generation..satan was first style of demon style..now is future baby.still awe brutal godz and too need immortal and still no have..this be so much dirty

bara skrlov..now last comment about this

(mike white, 17. 9. 2014 18:11)

Hi u rock.when u feel my dirt and power comments so ok only funn on ya my sick speak and no dislike when u satanist girl,like.so u in a cult or what..nice but i afraid this no top real but u feel high dirz spirit of comments® hi.viva maryhuana and real self.

onision and one

(mike white the mike devil, 17. 9. 2014 18:03)

Wow..all comments i write on phone... and one comments.king shit u all bitch kid.i think over 700comments on thos page her photo.complet on net have over 3000comments.yay

comment dislike on humanz satanist

(mike white devil , 17. 9. 2014 16:25)

Tak dle kalendare mas vikend nebo jak to mas..haha and to nepouzivam so to zkusim od ted a budu mit stale pondelosobotu and time jen 11:11 nebo 2:22

new random comments

(mike white, 17. 9. 2014 16:14)

My next you tube channel name of 'channelbrutaldark' so good news are : my create videos are so much dirty so no view at this only at any pozitiv.hahah.so no upload next 45 videoz.like last video about why u no play videos with name mike 'devil.haha.like my first pozitiv channel andmany view at vifeos.bitches planet haha

hm.7.comment on

(mike devil, 17. 9. 2014 15:59)

Kurim pry byl under czech satan secta..bullshit.

6.comment on barb skrlov

(mike devil, 17. 9. 2014 15:54)

Mike tyran comments..new comment: for barbora no ty ondrasku potrebujes najit znova ondraska a znova tu saskarnu na to skarede gay kid telo potrebujes sahat na tu bilou czech srnu funny in cage..know ya self u need him but fail and no dick to hom aka ravange

mike devil

(mikewhite , 17. 9. 2014 15:42)

Diky poliz za zachranu ondraska.hahahaha plus ne ted lzu ste take pigs bezbozne...u all be done on satan cosmic and barbora take

on barbora last 4.comment and fuckoff czech humanz

(mike devil, 8. 9. 2014 20:33)

you tube:narkotek-hoop in2:49 in instrumental..its i in start attacking shoting ya crew.murda..heaven bullets one spliting

satinsm and gothic is dead..viva top the dirty brutal..like shot is god

(mwhite mike devil, 8. 9. 2014 19:55)

Hmmmmmmmmm like my top czech us comment..like u animal in monkey ass dejawee..like my death feel on smoke the mystic boss feel an hard my self.funny when animals dieying..very bullshit subjects and gay creatures..like noice..like my devil high domination in i dirty spirit quake from top the high devilself..second like old immortal the diabelgod..like top god the after joint of maryhuan with tabacc..i ya god in human body.hate.tyrant.

plus predesly comment

(mike devil, 8. 9. 2014 18:48)

Ha ha ha ha .i next one on planet and satan is my aladin and u peace of shit and u like hurt gay lost soul jesus body ha ha and u and your boss stand at dick when kid catch dick in torrtute hahahah u gays and ugly czech gay body on hurt and police to ya face hahaha u klokanek and like fake

like czech krimi magazine

(mike white the pozitiv of mike and nodislike on me the mike devil, 8. 9. 2014 18:42)

Like znova je v casopisu ta soul barbora skrlova..respect and nekdy se muzem seznamit a dat jointa..nebo jointa ne jsem po nem moc outist the agresive and the mike devil enter to space and need hurt subject or feel dirty morbid instrumental

v predslem comment jsem myslel v karantene od vseho ziveho...

(mike white.md, 8. 9. 2014 17:21)

New comment: nutela.like thunder when i hurt or rapping

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