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like my rap nitro after maryhuan

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 2:30)

in last comment,i think' demon enter the. New comment:maybe somebody hate my comments,thatright'ufee big boy(dick). New comment: like my bleedy bitch'he new on wc do it(cosmic and biblegod of create;) next: u on like sepultura antichrist track tyrant sick.like i too white soul'i giant energy on burn to bodyz/mix i/new ghost high from new cosmic time,in one self i dirty wreck shit on high god mystic planet hurt taging by i tekno rap tempo'high devil dirt and speed(mix like second light style'demon (..)

like awe satan (i mix say awe satan family(death family)

(mike bastard (mjoint), 20. 4. 2014 2:12)

i aka station3 hurt but more mystic on hurt(in real space'cosmic ghraphics/i ghost in exist high fix by crack high from natural demont enter the and maryhuana smoke.*like u body on planet on head execution-by dirty ghost wrecking demolition*(my rap lyrics).

maybe somebody have god and he create..

(mike bastard (mjoint), 20. 4. 2014 2:00)

like for my discipline hate bible god 'architect,from 50%he create bullshit and on mind good on rapwreck shit(him)and like 'create man piss and dick/he is my bleedy bitch for suck my telepaterap bullet and he mix suck diabel dick(about satan)

hurt sleng vol ?

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 0:05)

right now i like blood at ya brain in ya(your)body (..) power

mike JOINT*comments/mike hurt videos name of mike DEVIL*

(mike BASTARD*, 19. 4. 2014 23:59)

When u see my pozitiv comment so true because in my finaly style i am the universal soul(all) and now back to my first style'morbid/top i top like and replay: all negativ comments no dislike on whitch'my photos'(kristina)

mike have brutal videoz on you tube u want? :)

(mike bastard(EXmike joint), 19. 4. 2014 21:54)

who write me comment under my you tube video? Yeah i have next utub channel but no mike joint channel-this was off by me because now have channel only with dark videos.i have next channel name of 'channel brutal dark' ;) p.s. Now when u see on internet any video name mike joint so now this NO i because i find more names mike joint on net-fuck and i was mike joint first,my name.when u in past see brutal videoz mike joint so yes this was my shit but now no exist any my videos with name mike joint.So now have name mike devil !!! and new channel mike devil-channel brutal dark. Find me no under the this name but you write to you tube mike joint and find videos by mike devil. How go to my channel? So at video mike devil you see blue name 'channel brutal dark' so click on name and you in my channel folder,welcome! Channel is young so only 36videoz (short videos and remix videos,all by mike joint create and brutal create aka are my comments..

repair pozitiv comment+true

(mike joint(us,cz), 19. 4. 2014 19:01)

hm pretty photos.nobody write me 'wow mail/never mind i only insane king soul(death,devil rap) in past i was with gipsy young girl and sex with she,asia too,like niggaz bitch.like white czech girl aka is kristina(+ whitch/satan soul(butifel aka is bullet freak.wow all and first photo/you sweat and you lesbian girl,great(maybe u suck human body,perfect). wow kristin have this net page so she is qualit life no loust soul(i thinc life,no 'mulo,no asshole and no 'terezin).look satanic net page by my photos/hm somebody next with inteligence and like satanic,satanistic!)like my rap work/dinosaurus freestyle.like slipknot new death manz no copy aka sepultura or mike joint or somethink.


(mike joint, 19. 4. 2014 18:26)

like on page sunshine girl have much comments/like on this page have more comments/more pretty whitch and respect for her family.ok

yay mike comments back

(mike bastard(ex mike joint), 19. 4. 2014 18:16)

maybe whitch like mike comments and after my dislike somebody evil smile on her on street..when yes so your smile was no true and your face see satan and satan dick ya head in future(bullet,headshot,fuck ya white gay head)

pozitiv comment

(mike rbastard(mike joint), 19. 4. 2014 18:01)

hm again have demon whitch in my mind,pretty photos and look on her page with name'satanic.like me or not/oh no and sorry my demon sister i was undercontrole in my demonistic new time and all in comments on you no truth i insane. And all on satan and on satan family/no dislike,only insane comments.like satan. When somebody like disslike on whitch my photos so dislike no on her but on ya zero faget pig and u like me in piss on planet

mike comments complet

(mike joint, 17. 4. 2014 17:55)

this was real comments on u all,u faget

fuckoff sleng vol.6/complete

(mike bastard joint, 17. 4. 2014 17:52)

MULO(gipsy sleng) that shit is true about u because u no mail,freakly shit

fuckoff sleng vol.5

(mike bastard joint, 17. 4. 2014 17:49)

this is your photos but now u are ugly shit(czech girls,monkeys) and u gay- lesbian

fuckoff sleng vol.4

(mike bastard joint, 17. 4. 2014 17:45)

u terezin girl and u suck dick every day and u say u ghotic or satan soul

fuckoff sleng vol.3

(mike bastard joint, 17. 4. 2014 17:43)

kristina no satanistic,no life,maybe is she gipsy(decin) ha ha hah..

fuckoff sleng vol.2

(mike bastard joint , 17. 4. 2014 17:39)

replay last comment: kristin u asshole.

fuckoff sleng vol.1

(mike bastard joint, 17. 4. 2014 17:37)

kristin no mail to mike joint aka respect or wow! that satan comments! or somethinc.

hm u must go to work and u asshole/no inteligence aka i

(mike 'bastard(mjoint), 17. 4. 2014 16:20)

maybe all you like sex with yours father/czech terezin pigs

maybe is satan gay natural and kill only manz/body with dick

(maik bastard(exmjoint), 17. 4. 2014 16:17)

Satan is to much old style of ghost/from first vilage ghost,fuck

satan mother have like bloody dick

(mike joint, 17. 4. 2014 16:14)

fuck all ya fagets i new god

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