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mike czech comment

(mike bastard (mjoint), 12. 4. 2014 13:53)

maybe buh ma rad when my dick is in eyacuation and he like that he gay create? u like my dick because u read my shit aka bitch her photo

like women humanz / animals on dick or bullet

(Mike bastard(mjoint), 12. 4. 2014 11:29)

need dickfuck godmother,love

329.comment (..) 329 comments only in folder 'moje fotky ,next my comments are in this folder,next are in...

(Mike bastard(mjoint), 11. 4. 2014 3:25)

Wow 329 comm mix 6 new brutal comments in gothic folder! on this www i have unknow number comments but are in folders 1.moje fotky(329comments) 2.slipknot(?comments) 3.satanismus(?comm) 4.metal(?) 5.ghotic(?comm) 6.satanska bible(?comments) hm,like comments,Ok,one mix yeah i reprezent in rap in ya czech funny state /reprezent in us eng sleng and in czech/ i start first demon rap in ya republic,bitches state,ha ha! And my comments are only satanic funn on mind for me and price for satanic girl/nice net page. Oh and comments are aka 'check dick the real demon with alien inteligence,hm

i one and you clown comments and no think from slipknot clown but u asshole,lost soul joke,jesus

(mike bastard mike joint, 10. 4. 2014 23:09)

cosmic is easy so where is problem with ya soul and mentaly.i know u only on wreck body. Like trash ya,like kill that shit

prvni comment na teto www in 'březen 2013/složka 'Ghotic' nadpis of comment 'satanistic tyran projew'

(Mike joint(rbastard), 10. 4. 2014 23:05)

yeah this was my first comment on this www. Check!

pod temito jmeny mam comments pod složky 1.slipknot2.metal3.satanismus.4.ghotic.5.mojeFotky.6.satanska bible

(mike bastard.mike joint.robot.robo bastard.rbastard.mike joint rbastard, 10. 4. 2014 22:30)

krom ja us cz mike maji ostatni comments aka after 'narkoza' we are be done on cosmic,u animal with speak skill no soul or ghost.. Ha ha.. Fuck ya brain asshole terezin kid bitch shit in ya head. fUCK COMMENTS WHEN U NEGATIV SPEAK ON MAJITELKA STRANKY,Fuck ya u monkey ass and u like ya father dick and stop bitching u no have net page aka this or ya no like mike joint one aka majitelcu teto net page mix die pig and like ya parents die on old and u feel that,ha ha ,satanic

cosmic is old bitch and she like like her,shit,

(maik bastard(exmjoint), 10. 4. 2014 22:10)

how many humanz was on toilet and space do it/ from my dick piss water

last comment+cd is from year 1997 and is very satanic,creatures info about street and killing(feat. bReal mc from cypress hill)

(maik bastard(ex mjoint), 10. 4. 2014 12:31)

high like mike joints,god choosen.like when soul like rap and metal muzic-very high this combination of like muzic(lyrics&instrumentals)

hm check this murda hiphop in low instrumentals,too high and is on ytube too:

(Mike bastard(mjoint), 10. 4. 2014 12:17)

the psycho realm-the psycho realm full album. Favorit set in 5:37 or in 9:34 *hiphop/Killer muzic*

stop bitching i real/evil shock

(mikebastard(mjoint), 10. 4. 2014 0:55)

mind pop over comments/mike joint,ill.. mike bastard name.Like in demolition subject,satanic'soldier.like maybe u no real exist and u live in shit body/lost soul'ugly bitch man,u be dead on satan future i think ya old or accident like to kinda style cappuchino drink from automat,one

last comment/maybe u 'orlich(on wreck shit) with satan bible

(mike bastard(ex mike joint), 10. 4. 2014 0:35)

maybe u jesus body (..) like lost soul funn on wrath or clowning me 'his life.u from terezin castle with satan bible/only south park

must check next true

(mike bastard mike joint, 10. 4. 2014 0:27)

when is in czech man in 'satanismus so he gothic man because no have high aka i ,check and this all 'only comments.satanistic true.

shit,comments on mind is aka show shot for peoples(not)hate and giraffe hate

(mike bastard mike joint(us,cz), 9. 4. 2014 23:04)

maryhuana comments.i done on mind ya rap in czech state(know ya czech speak(learn).like done do it,first demon rap,satanic.hm.like i spy my new and new high style/s.oushit,one.like bodyz in dieying,like satan evil god do it murda,hm,like.

mike rapper/comment on mind

(mike bastard mike joint , 9. 4. 2014 22:45)

like rap like my style aka cosmic slave me the kind my high on taifune devil shit by death high soul hurt sleng/lyric combos,extremly satanic soulhigh spining, ghostrise on muzic'tekno(one 'narkotek-live shot)

like wow i ill,cool

(mike bastard(mike joint)(next evil god), 9. 4. 2014 22:30)

replay on majitelca net page nodislike all comments for zyclon clean/kinda high.Like i brutal robotic ghost(kind high soul)maybe u live in shit body.like devil first see that in deadly videogamez,9old,like muzic soul tempo for me ghost tempo,like smoke my exist reclean and give 150%power/i more in space overy body,cool right¿i aka copy satan but no do this(soul, high,satanic.like more body off on top devil space work,ufo high.like i aka on occultismus but i no use that (..) my self aka natural boss from born like burn/bullets to peoples,high mystic on ghost enter more to space/smoke(maryhuana soulfood)cigaret of exist/hurt style of cosmic create,mike joint

my dislike on satanghost'only smile by demon but on god in comments/dislike,mike style

(mike bastard mike joint , 9. 4. 2014 22:08)

Like my demon fuck on satan but only smile because experiment like from him devilDeath style of one ghost every sec murda(death)like devil the ouijou on wreck&death subject (..)

dont do it read my high shit.prezentation omen portale mind politics in comment/one

(mike bastard mike joint , 9. 4. 2014 21:53)

replay most favorit one tracks
Necro-crazies.sepultura-roots full album in 25min01sec start.. .next sepultura-antichrist. next last: Necro morbid

satanic track(hip hop(murda muzic;)

(mike bastard(ex mike joint rbastard) , 9. 4. 2014 20:33)

on u tube too!: Diabolic feat Immortal Technique-Front lines

rad mike joint(bastard) check this:

(mike 'bastard joint, 9. 4. 2014 12:53)

rad tak bitch muzes to pocitat jako kill ty srny a ty stary co dochcaly (comment on killers and satan)

wreck sleng

(mike 'bastard joint, 9. 4. 2014 12:51)

sleng : rad ty tereziňák ty mas křiví mozek a gey kůži protože te porodila boží máma po tom co pouštela do kundy sveho syna ktery vynalezl všem kokot a on take jako satan nejvic rad kdyz stare lidi piss ,ha ha...

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